lunes, 7 de febrero de 2011

Fowler Ridge Wind Farm

A friend of mine who lives in Chicago Illinois invited me to go there, after my promotion i got a week off so i decided to accept her invitation. tried to invite some friends to make the trip but anyone was avaliable :( so i got my baggage and start the 16 hours trip ( suppose to be around 14 hours trip but some areas of partial toll roads slow the traffic ) Anyway when I was driving on I-65 crossing Indiana at the very end of Lafayette county I saw windmills spreading in every direction across the flat landscape of corn fields.

Is very rare ( I would say impossible ) to see windmills here in the south so this was something new for me. so I stopped the car and take these shots. I could have taken many more but the road's shoulder was too low and traffic runs at 85 MPH so was a little bit dangerous to park my car  in a spot like that

Later in Illinois I asked my friend about the windmills and she told me that was the Fowler Ridge Wind Farm, a partnership between BP Wind Energy and Dominion ( a Transnational Power Company ) which is responsible to power the states of Illinois , Indiana , Ohio and Kentucky.

here are a couple of shots I took from Fowler Ridge Wind Farm


 See u back in the South next week :) 

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